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Evergreen Fountains is dedicated to offering enhanced senior living in a community-based environment. Our residents are encouraged to enjoy their own independent lifestyle centered on personal health & wellness: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We believe "Wellness" is an active process of making choices towards a more jubilant existence.

We have the programs available to help you achieve just that.


Colleen O'Donnell

Colleen O'Donnell,
Wellness Coordinator

Evergreen Fountains is the only senior living community in Eastern Washington certified by the Arthritis Association for their wellness programs and trainers. We encourage all resident to participate in our award winning programs. Recently, we have opened up our award winning classes to the outside public, call for details.

Why Wellness?

The good news is that many of today's older adults are living longer and healthier lives. Our wellness programs offer a way to promote a healthy lifestyle with older adults. Research shows that for many aging individuals, participation in a wellness program promotes independence while slowing the aging process.




Water aerobics

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